Friday, October 21, 2011

Fishing In Alaska - A Dream Come True

Fishing in Alaska is a dream come true for many an angler. The air and environment is clear and beautiful. The water is sparkling and what lies in that water is what has hundreds of people flocking to the state for the best fishing of their life. It is not unheard of to land a 35 pound King Salmon here and you will be amazed at the fish that are teaming in the waters.

In fact, you can catch that king salmon at up to weights of 50 pounds! You’ll also find huge fish including halibut, northern pike, Graylings, shiner perch, sturgeon, herring, and many, many more. Cod, walleye, flounder, crabs and shrimp are just teaming for you.

As for where to find them, you will need to check out the southeast region of Alaska. There are many locations to fish here and you can target just the fish species you are after. This is a warmer winter area of Alaska as well. But, still summers are cool and excellent for getting halibut on the move. Salmon migrate here to spawn and you’ll find a wide range of trout here too. Head to the locations between Bristol Bay and Cooper River where you’ll find many fish. You can also fish the coastal waters for halibut and ocean fish.

Make sure to check out Lower Cook Inlet. This is a popular location where you will be able to find Dolly Varden, a type of salmon. You’ll also find trout too in this area. You can dig for clams or fish for halibut and salmon off the coast. Another excellent location is in the Western and arctic regions. You’ll catch your fill of trout, pike, graylings, char and burbot here.

What To Take With You

Of course you will need your rods, freshwater and saltwater depending on where you head. Make sure to take twice as much tackle than you think you’ll need. Flies, weights, lures, a net, fishing line of several types, as well as pliers, waders, maps, and a compass are also necessary. Make sure to stock your first aid kit and include enough water in case you can leave the fish! For clothing, don’t forget you are in Alaska and you do need warm clothing, a fishing vest, sunglasses, hiking books, bug repellent and sunscreen. Check on getting the right fishing licenses too. Don’t forget your camera because these are truly some amazing locations not to mention the size of fish you’ll catch!

For bait, take a wide range of live bait. This could be prawns, night crawlers, crayfish, and razor fish. Look for frozen baits too. In artificial, take with you a wide range including lures, flies, streamers, spoons and spinners. Go for natural bit from the area if you can. You’ll find plenty of locations to purchase it in the area and of course you can find your own if you like. Don’t over bait though.

When heading off to fish in Alaska, it's often wise to take with you a professional or to book a tour. These individuals can help you find the hidden locations where your fish are lurking. And, they can make sure that you see some of the best fish out there. Take the time to check out a few locations online and insure the organization's quality. Then, head to the beautiful Alaskan country to get in some of the best fishing of your life.

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